2018 Nike Coach of the Year Clinic Manual – College & H.S. Lectures (P – nikecoyfootball.net

The 2018 Clinic Manual contains 20 College lectures and 20 High School lectures. 300+ Pages – Paperback Version

Selected lectures by forty terrific coaches, including Derek Alford, Walt Bell, Brian Bergstrom, Ben Blackmon, Clay Clevenger, Sonny Dykes, Dean Fabrizio, Bob Gaddis, Bill Gierke, Matt Guerrieri, Rich Hargritt, Brian Harsin, Mark Hodson, Dean Hood, Randy Jackson, Reggie Johnson, Brent Key, Mike Kirschner, Jeff Louber, Matt Luke, Dub Maddox, Chad Morris, Jason Nash, Chad Neal, Ed Orgeron, Chris Paulson, Rush Probst, Eric Rupp, Tony Sanchez, Ian Shields, Pete Shinnick, Ian Shoemaker, Kirby Smart, Chuck Smith, Steve Spurrier, Jr., Chad Staggs, Geron Stokes, Tim Tibesar, Matt Wells, and Rob Woodward.