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The Coach of the Year Clinics were founded by Duffy Daugherty and Bud Wilkinson with successful clinics in Grand Rapids, Atlanta, Dallas, and San Francisco. Louisville was added shortly after. In the mid 1960’s Duffy Daugherty would meet with Clinic Directors during the off-season and he and Bud Wilkinson would then attend the 12 Coach of the Year Clinics going on at that time. 

The idea of publishing notes from the clinics started at the San Francisco Clinic by Dick Vermeil, and later each clinic would produce and sell their own set of notes. In 1974 Telecoach, Inc. was established in order to incorporate, select, and publish lectures from all of the Coach of the Year Clinics.

In 2004 we seperated the College Coaches lectures into our Clinic Manual and the High School Coaches lectures into our Clinic Notes. In 2007 Telecoach, Inc. started producing the Offensive Line Coaches Handbook for the Coaches of Offensive Line (C.O.O.L.) Clinic held in Cincinnati, OH.

A special thanks to all of the coaches that have appeared in our publications over the years. In addition, a special thanks to our customers for making our publications the leading football coaching information in the market today.