01. ANDREWS, MICKEY – FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY: The FSU Defensive Package 02. BLAKE, JOHN – UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA: The Oklahoma 4-3 Front Defense 03. BOLT, WAYNE – TROY STATE UNIV.: Setting The Offensive Practice Schedule 04. BROWN, CHRIS – WEST GRAND H. S., CO.: Building And Maintaining A Program 05. COOPER, JOHN – OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY: The OSU Running Game 06. CURRY, GEORGE – BERWICK H. S., PA.: Developing High School Quarterbacks 07. Di NARDO, GERRY – LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY: The Role Of The Head Coach 08. DONNAN, JIM – UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA: The Passing Attack In The Red Zone 09. DUPAIX, ROGER – SKYLINE H. S., UTAH: A Simple Approach To The Passing Game 10. DYKES, SPIKE – TEXAS TECH UNIV.: Basic Defensive Alignment And Adjustments 11. EDWARDS, LaVELL – BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY: The BYU Passing Game 12. GLENN, JOE – UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN COLORADO: Our Best Pass Plays 13. HEACOCK, JIM – OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY: Defensive Line Techniques 14. HENSLEY, RALPH – EAST BANK HIGH SCHOOL, WV.: Multiple Defenses And Stunts 15. HERNANDEZ, DARREN – CAMPBELL H. S., HAWAII: Philosophy And Organization 16. JONES, GLYNN – UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE: Defensive End Techniques 17. KREPS, DEAN – HOPE COLLEGE: Zone Blocking Against Stunting Defenses 18. LAMB, BOBBY – FURMAN UNIVERSITY: Quarterback Drills And The Passing Game 19. LENTI, FRANK – MOUNT CARMEL HIGH SCHOOL, IL.: Goal Line Offense 20. MUMME, HAL – UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY: An Update On The New UK Offense 21. PAGAC, FRED – OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY: The Eight Man Front Secondary Play 22. PAYNE, BILL – BUFFALO HIGH SCHOOL, WYOMING: Scout Team Utilization 23 ROGERS, ROBB – BAYLOR UNIVERSITY: Speed And Power Development 24. RUSH, LEONARD – LIMA HIGH SCHOOL, OHIO: Developing The High School Offense 25. SABAN, NICK – MICHIGAN STATE UNIV.: Pass Coverages In The Eight Man Front 26. SARRA, JOE – PENN STATE UNIVERSITY: Defensive Line Drills And Techniques 27. SEXTON, BILLY – FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY: The FSU Offensive Package 28. SHERRILL, JACKIE – MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV.: Punting Drills And Techniques 29. SOLICH, FRANK – UNIV. OF NEBRASKA: Running Back Drills And Techniques 30. VON APPEN, FRED – UNIV. HAWAII: The Role Of Concentration And Finish 31. WEST, TOMMY – CLEMSON UNIVERSITY: Developing A Philosophy And A System 32. WIEMERS, DAVE – SAGINAW VALLEY STATE UNIV.: The 4-3 Defensive Line Package 33. WILLIAMS, GREGG – HOUSTON OILERS: Linebacker Drills And Techniques 34. WILLIAMS, GREG H. – UNIV. GEORGIA: Zone Defense From Goal Line To Goal Line

35. YOUNG, DAN – UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA: The Trap And Trap Option Package

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