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2012 Nike Coach of the Year Notes

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01. Ashcraft, Clint – Conway High School, AR – From the 4-3 Defense to the 3-4 Look

02. Bellucci, Harry – Hartford Public High School, CT – The NCAA Eligibility Center Update

03. Bernard, Joe – Stroudsburg High School, PA – The 4-3 Defensive Cover Scheme

04. Blankenship, Neil – Swain County High School, NC – Heavy 3-5-3 Defense With a Shade Front

05. Blount, Rob – Oceanside High School, NY – The No-Huddle Tempo Passing Game

06. Coverdale, Andrew – Trinity High School, KY – Incorporating the Pistol Into the Offense

07. Craft, Robert – North Florida Christian H. S., FL – Quick Pass Game Concepts and Screen Game

08. Cromer, Tim – Christiansburg High School, VA – The Pistol Offense and Companion Plays

09. DelPercio, Mark – Middletown High School, DE – Game Week Practice Organization

10. Dennison, Matt – New Philadelphia High School, OH – Concepts In Defending the Spread Offense

11. Gillespie, Rance – Valdosta High School, GA – Drive Concepts and Passing Package

12. Guyon, Andy – Xavier High School, CT – Blitz Package: Man and Zone Principles

13. Hales, Brian – Butler High School, NC – Maintaining a Run/Pass Balance

14. Hargitt, Rich – Nation Ford High School, SC – Passing Game Concepts in the Spread Offense

15. Hart, Anthony – Lafayette High School, MS – Installing the Zone Option

16. Hoskins, Jesse – Milan High School, MI – Flexibility, Agility, Speed and Strength Training

17. Hoss, Rob – Sayville High School, NY – Executing the No-Huddle Spread Offense

18. Johnson, Lane – Sheldon High School, OR – Defensive Stunts and Blitz Adjustments

19. Lalli, Michael – Chantilly High School, VA – The Basic Wing-T Option Game

20. McIntyre, Jason – Mt. Pleasant High School, MI – Defensive Concepts Against The Run

21. Miller, Chris – Byrnes High School, SC – A Model Football Program From A To Z

22. Niblett, Josh – Hoover High School, AL – The Total Offense: Gap and Perimeter

23. Pearson, Doug – St. John’s Jesuit High School & Academy, OH – The Jet Sweep and Screens

24. Plaa, Jeremy – Thomas Downey High School, CA – Pride Points System and Off–Season Ideas

25. Ross, Ricky – Calhoun High School, GA – The 30 Defense: Alignment and Stunts

26. Shaughnessy, Steve – Butler High School, NC – The 3-4 Defensive Secondary Coverage

27. Spitzer, Devin – Shawnee High School, OH – The Basic 50 Slant Defense

28. Swabek, Craig – Trinity High School, KY – Red Zone Defense with a 4-3 Look

29. Toal, Greg – Don Bosco Prep High School, NJ – Bridge the Gap With Special Teams

30. Tutsie, Steve – Warren Central High School, IN – Blitzing the Spread Offense

31. Van Acker, Jarred – Grafton High School, VA – Loco Punt and Muddle Huddle Schemes

32. Vint, James – Coronado High School, TX – Downhill Running Game from the Pistol

33. Walker, Dave – Martinsburg High School, WV – The 3-5-3 Stack Defense

34. Weinrich, Brian – Highlands High School, KY – Defensive Practice Routine

35. Williams, Jeff – Springdale High School, AR – Developing the Offensive Game Plan

36. Wright, Kevin – Carmel High School, IN – Complimenting Zone Read Plays


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