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2013 C.O.O.L. Clinic Manual

(Coaches Of Offensive Line)


2013 C.O.O.L. Clinic Manual Price $25.00 

The 2013 C.O.O.L. Manual will go to the printer in mid-July. 


Paul Alexander – Cincinnati Bengals

Unbalanced Offense & Multiple New Concepts for Both Run and Pass Offense

Randy Clements – Baylor University

Offensive Line Techniques in the Spread Offense

Chris Forester – Washington Redskins

Drills and Fundamentals for Teaching the Outside Zone

Pat Hill – Atlanta Falcons

The Art of Pass Protection, Zone Blocking, Double Teams and Other Blocking Concepts

Andy Moeller – Baltimore Ravens

Fundamentals to Run the Inside and Outside Zone. Pass Protection Progressions

Bill Muir – NFL Alumni Offensive Line Coach

Professionalism in Coaching

Scott Peters – Safe Football, Offensive Consultant

New Concepts in Leverage

Chris Strausser – Boise State University

The Five Fundamentals of Championship Football

Ed Warinner – Ohio State University

The Zone Read Play

Bob Wylie – NFL Alumni Offensive Line Coach

The Duo and Twin Plays


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