Nike Coach of the Year Clinic Publications, dba Telecoach, Inc. – All American Kicking's Field Goal Technique & Kickoff Drills – Fleming

Nick Fleming is one of the co-founders of All American Kicking.

F217 – All American Kicking’s Field Goal Technique & Kickoff Drills

All American Kicking’s Field Goal Technique & Kickoff Drills provides an overview of the key factors involved in placekicking and kickoffs. The DVD breaks down the mechanics of placekicking and kicking off—from the kicker’s approach, to the contact point, to the followthrough. The DVD also details a series of proven kicking-specific drills that can be used to develop the skills and technique of kickers. In addition, the DVD includes information on strengthening, conditioning, and stretching exercises for kickers.

Among the topics covered:

• Stretching warm-up • Plant spot and steps back • The setup and approach • Contact point on the foot and the proper way to lean the ball on the tee • Upper-body placement and follow through • The 7-yard-goal-post drill • The sideline-field-goal drill • The tap drill • The kickoff • The contact point on the kickoff and the follow-through • The hurdle drill • Strength exercises

Price: $35.00