Nike Coach of the Year Clinic Publications, dba Telecoach, Inc. – All American Kicking's Punting Technique and Drills- Fleming

Nick Fleming is one of the co-founders of All American Kicking.

F204 – All American Kicking’s Punting Technique and Drills

All American Kicking’s Punting Technique and Drills details the key factors involved in effective punting. The DVD breaks down the mechanics of successful punting from start to finish—from the punter’s approach, to the contact point, to the follow-through. The DVD also features several punting-specific drills that coaches can use to develop the skills and technique of their punters. In addition, the DVD includes information on strengthening, stretching, and conditioning exercises for punters. Among the topics covered: • Stretching warm-up • Grip of the football • Drop in relation to the body • Catch, stance, and steps • Connection off the foot and the placement of the body • Straight-leg swing • Directional punting • Line drive and pooch punting • Contact-on-the-foot drill • No-step and one-step drill • Body-lean drill • Catching-the-ball drill • Dropping-the-ball drill

• Explosive weight Training

Price: $35.00