Nike Coach of the Year Clinic Publications, dba Telecoach, Inc. – All American Kicking's Snapping Technique and Drills – Fleming

Nick Fleming is one of the co-founders of All American Kicking.

F203 – All American Kicking’s Snapping Technique and Drills

All American Kicking’s Snapping Technique and Drills presents an overview of the underlying factors involved in successful snapping. The DVD breaks down the mechanics of snapping from start to finish, including the techniques that should be used in the set-up, the actual snap, and after the snap. The DVD also features several game-tested drills that coaches can employ to develop the fundamental skills of their snappers. In addition, the DVD offers information on strengthening, stretching, and conditioning exercises for snappers. Among the topics covered: • The warm-up • The grip • The stance • Placement of the ball in relation to the body • The overhead throw and follow-through of the snap • The hip placement on the snap • Aiming points for field goal and punting snaps • The hand-snap drill • The grip drill • The toss-up drill • The 20-yard-snap drill • The ping drill

• Strength exercises

Price: $35.00