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Michael Braunstein currently owns and operates the company, “Kick on 4th Down,” 


F209 – Coaching the Field-Goal Kicker: Technique and Mechanics 

Coaching the Field-Goal Kicker: Technique and Mechanics provides a detailed overview of the essential components for training and coaching a successful field-goal and PAT kicker. The DVD focuses on the four basic phases of the kick—from the initial footwork to the follow-through. The DVD also looks at the other key fundamentals of placekicking, including the contact point, foot position, and shoulder angle. Appropriate for coaches, teams, and players at all competitive levels, the DVD is designed to be a resource for developing fundamentally sound placekickers. Among the topics covered: • Tee selection • The line-up • Kicking from the hashes • Adjustments to “the spot” • The approach to the ball • Shoulder angle • Approach example • The plant foot • The contact point • Foot position • The sweet spot • Head down • Contact point from the side • The follow-through • Putting it all together

• Drills


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