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Sean Douglas is a punting instructor on the staff of the company “Kick on 4th Down.”

F212 – Coaching the Punter: Mechanics and Strategy

Coaching the Punter: Mechanics and Strategy offers an exceptional resource for coaches who want to improve the skills, technique, and consistency of their punters. The DVD details the key factors involved in all phases of punting—from catching the snap to the follow-through. Each factor is explained and demonstrated. The DVD also includes a series of easy-to-execute drills that coaches can use with their punters to develop the fundamentals of effective punting. Among the topics covered: • The catch • Stance • Work back toward protection • Other bad snap strategy • The steps • Proper stride length • The drop • The contact with the ball • Point and lock out foot • The finish • Kicking to inside the twenty • Punting from inside the end zone

• Punting drills

Price: $35.00