Nike Coach of the Year Clinic Publications, dba Telecoach, Inc. – Defend the Wing-T: Understanding the Basics – Shap Boyd


SHAP BOYD – WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY, MO. – A004 – DEFENDING THE WING-T: UNDERSTANDING THE BASICS: Presents a detailed overview of the concepts, principles, fundamentals, and techniques involved in effectively defending the Wing-T. Among the topics covered in the DVD: strengths and weaknesses of the Wing-T, teaching the key aspects of defending the Wing-T, defensive progressions, based on the offensive technique, being utilized, the impact of various offensive formations, motions, and shifts of the defense.

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A graduate of the University of the South. He spent five years at Jacksonville Florida. He coach at Highland Prep in Orlando. He served as a Grad Assistant at the University of Kentucky in 1986. In his third year at Washington University and second years as the Defensive Coordinator.