Nike Coach of the Year Clinic Publications, dba Telecoach, Inc. – Defending the Triple Option – Loose

John Loose is the defensive coordinator and linebackers coach at Lafayette College.


Defending the Triple Option provides a comprehensive overview of how teams can successfully defend the under-center, triple option, using the 3-4 defensive set. The DVD details the underlying philosophy of how and why the 3-4 can effectively counter the primary plays employed in the triple option. The DVD also discusses individual skills and techniques involved in defending the triple option, as well as the key factors attendant to effective practice planning for employing this defensive scheme. In addition, the DVD reviews game strategies that can be utilized to help disrupt the progression and effectiveness of the triple option. Among the topics covered: • Why the 3-4 defense? • Nose guard technique • Linebacker technique • Corner technique • Adjustments that can be made

• Game footage

Price: $35.00