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Larry Kindbom is the head football coach at Washington University in St. Louis, MO.

F215 – Getting Offensive With Your Punt Team

The punt is considered by many football coaches to be the number one offensive play in the game. Getting Offensive With Your Punt Team provides a comprehensive overview of the key factors involved in punt protection and punt coverage against all types of fronts, including six, seven, and eight-man rushes. The DVD also details the philosophy and principles underlying spread punt protection. In addition, the DVD also presents a simple system for utilizing fakes all over the field, which can help reduce the intensity of any punt rush. Among the topics covered: • Normal spread punt alignment • Punt vs. a six-man front “Michigan” • Punt vs. a seven-man front “Michigan” • Punt vs. a eight-man front “Eight ball”

• Taking advantage of defensive play

Price: $35.00