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Developing a Zone Blitz Package

presents an overview of the key factors involved in developing an effective zone blitz package, as well as details how such a package can be an integral part of an aggressive, pursuing defense. The DVD also reviews the basic focal points of an attacking defense and discusses how and why teams should install a zone blitz package. In addition, the DVD includes several specific examples of different types of zone blitzes.

Among the topics covered:

  • Why install a zone blitz package?

  • Things to consider

  • Secondary coverage

  • Indian strong/weak

  • Cowboy strong/weak

  • Gunslinger strong/weak

  • Posse strong/weak

  • Gambler strong/weak

  • Redskin strong/weak

  • Tampa

Author: Eddie Hatch

Length: 62 minutes

Published: 2013

Format: DVD