Nike Coach of the Year Clinic Publications, dba Telecoach, Inc. – Pass Protection Techniques Must – Brian Callahan


BRIAN CALLAHAN – UNIVERSITY OF AKRON – Pass Blocking Technique Musts B030

Offers a comprehensive and detailed progression of offensive-line individual pass-protection techniques and how to incorporate them into their team’s pass-protection scheme. The DVD covers an extensive array of topics, including defining the key areas of emphasis of pass protection, the common faults in pass protection, individual pass set progression, three, five, and seven-step drop sets, and out-of-pocket sets. The schematic part of the DVD includes passing twist, man-protection schemes, slide-protection schemes, and how to deal with a dominant pass rusher.

Among the topics covered: • Defending the pocket • Pass pro posture • Free man rule • Biggest mistakes in pass protection • Pass sets on 3-, 5-, and 7-step drop • Man and slide protections