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Passing Game Concepts

reviews the basic principles underlying a successful passing game attack. The DVD points out the value of a team being able to throw the ball when it doesn’t have to, as well as when it does. The DVD details the six areas that are essential to a sound passing game. The DVD also discusses the need to have “contact” passing plays. In addition, the DVD details several examples of game-tested pass plays.

Among the topics covered:

  • Passing game

  • Controls

  • Empty

  • Quicks

  • Ninety-seven

  • Dropback

  • 80 Y option

  • 80 midget Z post

  • 81 C wasp

  • 71 C tiger

  • Scat 73 Miami

  • Scat 73 cub

Author: Bobby Petrino

Length: 80 minutes

Published: 2013

Format: DVD