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Clinic Manual – Publication of a variety of Clinic Lectures from our 17 Nike Coach of the Year Clinics throughout the country. The Clinic Manual consist of lectures by College and Pro Coaches. From 1969 to 2003 the Manuals included lectures by Pro, College, and High School Coaches from our different clinics. Since 2004 lectures have been only by College and Pro Coaches. The publications presently contain 36 lectures with over 280 pages including over 300 diagrams. The publication is release for sale the first week of May.

Clinic Notes – Publication of Clinic Lectures from our 17 Nike Coach of the Year Clinics throughout the country.  The Clinic Notes were first published in 2004 and consist of lectures by High School Coaches.  This publication targets the outstanding High School Coaches and coaches of State Championship teams from across the country.  The publications presently contain 36 lectures with over 250 pages including over 250 diagrams. The publication is release for sale the third week of May.

COOL Clinic Lectures –  The COOL Clinic is held in Cincinnati each spring. The letters COOL stand for Coaches Of Offensive Line . The Clinic was founded by Jim McNally and has been held for several years. We were asked to do their Manual in 2007 and have published them for the last four years. The format for the COOL Lectures includes four of five Pro Offensive Line Coaches plus three or four College Offensive Line Coaches. Outstanding line Coaches from the NFL and the top College Offensive Line Coaches are featured in the publication. The publication is release each year the second week in July.

By The Experts Series  – (BTES) This publication is ideal for coaches that want to consternate in one specific area of the coaching profession. Lectures from several of the Clinic Manuals and Clinic Notes from over the years are combined into one publication based on content and by category. As of 2010, there are 13 books in the series. Several of the publications are in their third edition as they are updated as additional lectures are included in the other publications.

Clinic Manuals from 1969 to 1999 On DVD’s – Clinic Manuals from 1969 to 1999 are available on DVD’s. The DVD’s contain the actual book on the DVD’s. It is the exact copy of the previously published Clinic Manual. You may purchase 1 or all 31 years via the DVD’s. These publications can be printed or viewed via Adobe Reader. Many schools buy the entire collection for their professional library. We have all the former great coaches that have appeared in the publications including Bud Wilkinson, Duffy Daugherty, Bear Bryant, Woody Hayes, Eddie Robinson, John McKay, Lou Holtz, Bo Schembechler, Howard Schnellenberger, and many, many other great college, high school, and pro coaches.

DVD’s by Individual Coaches – Nike Clinic Lectures on DVD’s –  We have over 190 lectures on DVD’s by some of the outstanding coaches that have appeared on the Nike Clinics. The lectures are professionally produced in a studio, and not at the clinic sites. By going to the studio or to the schools, we control the environment preventing interruptions and insuring a quality DVD.  A variety of subjects is available and a description of each DVD is available on the website.

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