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TELECOACH, INC.© –  Founded in 1974 with decades of experience to provide football coaches of all levels professional services and solutions to the Football Coaching Profession. For several years the Clinic Manual was produced by individual Coach of the Year Clinics. By 1974 we started combining lectures from several clinic sites into one Coach of the Year Clinic Manual. Telecoach, Inc. was established to produce the Coach of the Year Football Clinic publications.

Our services cover a wide spectrum, ranging from Coaching Strategy and Implementation and Technical support in all areas related to coaching the greatest game in the world, American Football.  Our focus is to provide football coaches at all levels with the latest in football coaching ideas and techniques. Our commitment is to helping all coaches meet their main objectives through the effective use of Clinics, Books, Coaching Manuals, DVD’s , E-books, and the very latest in football technology.

Our mission is determined by a set of core values. These values establish the guidelines that we adhere to as a business organization and is the foundation for all our key strategic concepts, policies and procedures.

    * Enduring commitment to the delivery of high quality services.

    * Cultivate a family of professionals in the coaching profession who value creativity, integrity and teamwork.

   * Continuously seek out innovative but proven technologies and implement them to deliver strategic and competitive coaching advantages to our clients.

Our publications attempt to recapture the spirit of being at the clinic all over again. We want to recreate the lecture as if you were hearing the speaker in person. It would be preposterous to attempt to publish every word and every diagram. However, every effort has been made to present the material in a manner that represents the speaker’s views and comments. However, the reader is considered and our goal is to present the materials as clearly and meaningful as possible. Titles for each lecture have been selected by the speaker or editor and reflects the description of the material covered. The length of each presentation may vary due to several factors including: length of lecture, use of film, questions and answers, or technical difficulties. We welcome your views on how we can improve the publications.

To accomplish those goals set fourth we provide the following products on this website.

CLINIC MANUALS – 1969 to the Present – The basic concept is to transcribe the Coach of the Year Clinic Lectures in a manner that is close to what the coach giving the lecture is trying to convey to the audience. We want the Clinic Manuals to be similar to going to the clinics all over again.  Clinic Manuals from 1959 to 2003 included College, High School, and Pro Coaches. From 2004 to the present the Manual contains College and Pro Coaches. The annual publication is available the first week of May.

CLINIC NOTES – 2004 to the present – Again, the basic concept  is to transcribe the Coach of the Year Clinic Lectures in a manner that is close to what the coach giving the lecture is trying to convey to the audience. We want the Clinic Manuals to be similar to going to the clinics all over again. Clinic Notes from 2004 to the present include lectures by High School Coaches. The annual publication is available the third week of May.

COOL CLINIC LECTURES – Include lectures from the COOL (Coaches Of Offensive Line) Clinic held in Cincinnati. The lectures are by Pro Line Coaches and College Line Coaches.  The annual publication is available the second week of July.

BY THE EXPERT SERIES – Lectures takes from several Clinic Manuals and Clinic Notes of similar subjects. A series of 13 Books are available. With each new edition, the publications are update with the latest information available. 


Coaching The Spread Offense                                   Coaching The Defensive Line

Coaching The Running Game                                     Coaching The Linebackers

Coaching The Passing Game                                      Coaching The Secondary

Coaching The Quarterbacks                                        Coaching The 4-3 Defense

Coaching The Offensive Line                                    Coaching The Kicking Game

Coaching Beyond X’s and O’s                                    The Ultimate Football Coaching Manual

Coaching the Wing-T

DVD’s – BY NIKE CLINIC SPEAKERS – Each year a Select Number of Coaches that have spoken at the Nike Coach of the Year Clinics are invited to lecture on several topics. These DVD’s are professionally produced in a studio or at selected locations to insure a high quality of sound and video of the DVD lectures. The lectures are not taped at the Clinic locations. The lectures range from 35 minutes to 60 minutes. These DVD’s are available from our website. We have close to 200 DVD’s to choose from in all subjects related to football.

CLINIC MANUALS FROM 1969 TO 1999 ON DVD’S – To provide our customers an opportunity to build their professional library we have provide actual print of the past Clinic Manuals. The DVD’s are scanned copies of the Clinic Manual exactly as published. All front and back covers, all pages and diagrams are included. The only thing you need to view or print out the past Manuals is a computer with Adobe Reader available, and a printer.   As History has shown, football runs in cycles, and all of the information from the past becomes a coach’s professional library with these DVD’s from past Clinic Manuals.


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