Nike Coach of the Year Clinic Publications, dba Telecoach, Inc. – Upper Body Workout for Football – Ed Nasonti


ED NASONTI – BELLEVUE HIGH SCHOOL, OH – Upper-Body Workout For Football – B041 Provides an overview of the fundamentals and exercises involved in an effective program for developing upper-body musculature of football players. Initially, the DVD presents specific dynamic warm-ups for both individual players and groups of players. The DVD then emphasizes core training along with specific coaching points for a variety of upper-body lifts. The DVD also explains how coaches can implement flex bands to give diversity to their strength-training program. The DVD is designed to be an exceptional resource for the relatively short amount of time. Among the topics covered: • Group warm-up activities • Dynamic warm-up activities • Upper-body lifts • Flex-band variations • Mental-toughness lifts