Nike Coach of the Year Clinic Publications, dba Telecoach, Inc. – Zone Blitz, Two-Deep, Four-Under Coverage – Loose

John Loose is the defensive coordinator and linebackers coach at Lafayette College.


Zone Blitz, Two-Deep, Four-Under Coverage provides a comprehensive overview of the techniques and principles of the two-deep, four-under defensive system, as well as details other coverage change-ups that teams can employ in their three-deep, three-under zone blitz package. The DVD explains how teams can switch up their defensive fronts when zone blitzing in order to pressure and confuse the quarterback before he is able to adjust and audible. The DVD is designed to be an invaluable resource for coaches who want to back up their zone pressures with more than one coverage system. Among the topics covered: • Basic zone blitz • Two-deep, four-under

• Defending the two-by-two offense

Price: $35.00