Telecoach Website – 2004 MANUAL

01. ARCHER, MIKE – UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY: Establishing the 3-4 Defense 02. BUNTING, JOHN – UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA: Tackling Techniques and Drills 03. CARROLL, PETE – UNIVERSITY SO. CALIFORNIA: Developing a Defensive Philosophy 04. COKER, LARRY – UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI: The High Percentage Passing Game 05. DANTONIO, MARK – UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI: The Zone Blitz Package

06. DIETZEL, MIKE – WESTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY: Secondary Coverage Techniques

07. DRAKE, DARRYL – UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS: Receiver Techniques and Drills 08. FERENTZ, KIRK – UNIVERSITY OF IOWA: Building a Winning Program 09. GALE, MARK – MARSHALL UNIVERSITY: Linebacker Techniques and Drills 10. GIBSON, TONY – WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY: The 3-3-5 Stack Defense 11. GROH, AL – UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA: Aim for the Bullseye 12. GRUDEN, JON – TAMPA BAY BUCS: Key Elements in the West Coast Offense 13. HAWKINS, DAN – BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY: Success – A Standard of Excellence 14. HOLTZ, SKIP – UNIVERSITY SOUTH CAROLINA: Run and Pass in the Spread Offense 15. JOHNSON, BOBBY – VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY: Punt Return and Kickoff Return 16. KELLY, MIKE – UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON: Defending the Spread Offense 17. KERR, LARRY – UCLA: Motivating the Defense 18. LEAVITT, JIM – UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA: Meshing the Odd and Even Fronts 19. LEGG, BILL – PURDUE UNIVERSITY: Line Blocking Techniques and Drills 20. MAROTTI, MICKEY – NOTRE DAME UNIVERSITY: Developing Speed and Quickness 21. MATTISON, GREG – NORTE DAME UNIVERSITY: Defensive Line Techniques & Stunts 22. MAZZONE, NOEL – NORTH CAROLINA STATE: Scats and Screens in the Pass Game 23. MEYER, URBAN – UNIVERSITY OF UTAH: Establishing the Spread Offense 24. MONTGOMERY, SHANE – UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI, OH: Play Action Passing Game 25. PASQUALONI, PAUL – SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY: Goal Line Defense 26. PAULSON, BRAD – ANDERSON UNIVERSITY: The No-Huddle Offense 27. PINKEL, GARY – UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI: Player Development and Motivation 28. RICHT, MARK – UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA: The Indoor Program with Mats 29. RILEY, MIKE – OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY: Plays for Special Situations 30. SABAN, NICK – LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY: Winning Concepts and Fire Zone Blitz 31. SCELFO, CHRIS – TULANE UNIVERSITY: Five and Six Man Pass Protection Package 32. SHULA, MIKE – UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA: Basic Quarterback Fundamentals 33. SIEDLECKI, JOHN – YALE UNIVERSITY: Effective Use of the Bootleg Pass 34. TILLER, JOE – PURDUE UNIVERSITY: The Shallow Cross Passing Game 35. VANGORDER, BRIAN – UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA: Developing a Hard Nosed Defense

36. WEST, TOMMY – UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS: Implementing the Master Coaching Plan