Telecoach Website – 2005 MANUAL

01. ANDREWS, MICKEY – FLORIDA STATE UNIV.: An Overview of the 4-3 Defense 02. BANASZAK, JOHN – ROB. MORRIS UNIVERSITY: Defensive Line One-Gap Techniques 03. BOWDEN, BOBBY – FLORIDA STATE UNIV.: The Six Commandments for Winning 04. BOWER, JEFF – UNIVERSITY OF SO. MISSISSIPPI: Making Big Plays on the Kickoff 05. BROHM, JEFF – UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE: Three Step Drop Passing Game 06. CASSITY, MIKE – UNIV. OF LOUISVILLE: Defensive Pressure and Blitz Package 07. CRAFT, TOM – SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY: Logistics of the No Huddle Offense 08. DANIELS, JOE – OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY: Passing Game Using Basic Concepts 09. DOBA, BILL – WASHINGTON STATE UNIV.: Linebacker Drills and Pass Coverage 10. ELKO, DR. KEVIN – SPORTS PSYCHOLOGIST: Techniques in Developing Leadership 11. FLAHERTY, PAT – NEW YORK GIANTS: Line Drills on Zone and Counter Plays 12. FRANCHIONE, DENNIS – TEXAS A & M: Adjustments in the Vertical Passing Game 13. GEORGE, BRIAN – INDIANA UNIVERSITY: Defensive Line Techniques 14. KEHRES, LARRY – MOUNT UNION COLLEGE: Attacking the Weakside 4-3 Defense 15. KOETTER, DIRK – ARIZONA STATE UNIV.: Power Run and Power Passing Game 16. LEACH, MIKE – TEXAS TECH: Balance in the Passing Game 17. LOCEY, JAY – LINFIELD COLLEGE: Developing Team Chemistry 18. MANGINO, MARK – UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS: Plays to Slow Down the Pass Rush 19. McCALL, MICK – BOWLING GREEN ST. UNIVERSITY: The No Huddle Spread Offense 20. MEYER, URBAN – UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA: Read, Read Option, and Shovel Pass 21. MONTGOMERY, SHANE – MIAMI UNIVERSITY, OHIO: Success in the Passing Game 22. ORTMAYER, STEVE – UNIV. OF KENTUCKY: Special Emphasis on Special Teams 23. PALCIC, JOE – INDIANA UNIVERSITY: Secondary Techniques and Drills 24. PARTRIDGE, CHARLIE – UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH: Defensive End Play 25. PATTERSON, GARY – TEXAS CHRISTIAN UNIV.: Eight Man Front Multiple Defense 26. PIERCE, JEFF – FERRIS STATE UNIVERSITY: Special Teams and the Punting Game 27. RHOADS, PAUL – UNIV. OF PITTSBURGH: Developing Secondary Fundamentals 28. ROCK, BRIAN – WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY: Effective Screens and Draws 29. RODRIGUEZ, RICH – WEST VIRGINIA UNIV.: Shotgun Wide Open Spread Offense 30. SCHULTE, JIM – GRAND RAPIDS COMM. COLLEGE: Tackling and the 4-4 Defense 31. STOOPS, BOB – UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA: Six Pack Blitz Package 32. SUNSERI, SAL – CAROLINA PANTHERS: Line Run and Pass Rush Techniques 33. TEDFORD, JEFF – UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA: Quarterback Drills and Techniques 34. TENUTA, JON – GEORGIA TECH: Pressure with the Zone Dog Attack 35. TRESSEL, MIKE – UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI: Linebacker Drills in the 4-3 Defense

36. WEST, LOU – INDIANA STATE UNIVERSITY: Defending the Spread Offense