Telecoach Website – 2005 NOTES


01. Bailie, Greg – Lakota East High School, OH – Goal Line Defense And Stunts 02. Bowers, John – Morgantown High School, WV – The 3-3 Stack Defense 03. Carlson, Tim – Jefferson High School, MN – Simplicity Of The Eagle Defense 04. Casemento, Joe – Christian Brothers Academy, NY – Keys To The Spread Offense 05. Coombs, Kerry – Colerain High School, OH – Building The Winning Tradition 06. Crace, George – Wilsonville High School, OR – Essence Of Championship Football 07. Dodge, Todd – Carroll High School, TX – Coaching The Quarterback 08. Farrah, Paul – Louisville High School, OH – Spread Offense Running Game 09. Ferguson, Jeff – Totino Green High School, MN – Multiple Fronts And Coverage 10. Floyd, Josh – Shiloh Christian High School, AR – Fast Pace No Huddle Offense 11. Gierke, Bill – Edgewater, High School, FL – Advice To Coaches And Our Best Plays 12. Glaser, Mike – St. Xavier High School, KY – Championship Football From A To Z 13. Haggerty, Bryan – Kirkwood H. S., MO – Application Of The No Huddle Offense 14. Haywood, Philip – Belfry High School, KY – Coaching To Make A Difference 15. Hill, Robin – Sprague High School, OR – Achieving Success With Team Chemistry 16. Jones, Rick – Greenwood High School, AR – Special Teams Organization 17. Knight, Eric – Potomac High School, MD – Multiple Defensive Fronts And Drills 18. Locastro, Kevin – Christian Brothers H. S., TN – Adapting The Dart Offense 19. Logan, Dave – Mullen High School, CO – Establishing A Winning Edge 20. Macdougall, Jim – Notre Dame H. S., MI – Keys To Improving The Kicking Game 21. Mask, Steve – Colbert Co. H. S., AL – Secondary Coverage Using The Eight Man Front 22. Mcquaide, Jim – Solon High School, OH – Staff Organization And Administration 23. Medina, Joe – Cascia Hall High School, OK – Effective Two Tight Ends Set Offense 24. Metheny, Jim – Bethel Park H. S., PA – I-Formation Isolation Bread And Butter Plays 25. Redmond, Eric – Carleton Airport H. S., MI – The 3-5 Nickel Nose Defense 26. Rost, Darwin – Palo Verde High School, NV- The Double Wing-T Offense 27. Roth, Jim – Southern Columbia H. S., PA – Wing-T Offense And Year Around Program 28. Scifres, Bruce – Roncalli High School, IN – The 4-4 Defense And Adjustments 29. Siple, Kevin – Indian Hill H. S., OH – Building And Maintaining A Winning Program 30. Specht, Steve – St. Xavier High School, OH – The Nickel Defense And Adjustments 31. Wagner, Chuck – Springdale H. S., PA – Agilities And Weight Room Expectations 32. White, Joe – Thunderridge Park High School, CO – The Over And Under Defense 33. Winslette, Charlie – Stephens Co. H. S., GA – Wing-T Buck Sweep And Bootleg Pass 34. Woods, Ricky – So. Panola High School, MS – Midline Option, Inside And Outside Veer 35. Wright, Kevin – Warren Central High School, IN – Adversity Equals Opportunity

36. Zimmerman, Rob – Dewitt High School, MI – Building The Program In The Off Season



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