Telecoach Website – 2007 COOL

(Coaches Of Offensive Line)

2007 C.O.O.L. Clinic Manual Price $15.00

2007 C.O.O.L. Manual Table of Contents

Paul Alexander – Cincinnati Bengals

How to Play Guard: The Trilogy Ends

Larry Beightol – Green Bay Packers

Pass Protection Fundamentals 

Tom Bresnahan – Buffalo Bills

The No-Huddle Offense and Line Fundamentals 

Mitch Browning – University of Minnesota

Center Pulling Techniques and Schemes 

Kyle Flood – Rutgers University

Bunch Run Game 

Marty Galbraith – Tennessee Titans

Long and Short Snapping 

Alex Gibbs – Denver Broncos

The Outside Zone Play 

Mike Munchak – Tennessee Titans

The Inside Zone Play 

Jeff Quinn – University of Cincinnati

Half-Line Teaching Progression 

C.O.O.L. Clinic Chalk Talk