Telecoach Website – 2009 COOL

(Coaches Of Offensive Line)

2009 C.O.O.L. Clinic Manual Price $15.00 

2009 C.O.O.L. Manual Table of Contents

Paul Alexander – Cincinnati Bengals

Speaker Introductions/Coaching Points to Stimulate C.O.O.L.

Tom Brattan – University of Maryland

Goal-Line Running Plays 

Mike Foley – University of Connecticut

One- and Two-Back Power Plays 

Tom Lovat – Retired NFL

Offensive Line Coach The Screen Game 

Mike Maser – Miami Dolphins

Building the Offensive Line/The Rap Draw and Wildcat Plays 

Jim McNally – Retired NFL Offensive Line Coach

New Things You Should Know That Work 

Bill Muir – Kansas City Chiefs

Short-Yardage/Goal-Line/Four-Minute Offense 

Stacy Searels – University of Georgia

Offensive Line Pass Fundamentals 

Larry Zierlein – Pittsburgh Steelers

Drills and Line Blocking Schemes/The Steelers’ Draw Play 

C.O.O.L. Clinic  Chalk Talk