Telecoach Website – 2010 COOL

(Coaches Of Offensive Line)

2010 C.O.O.L. Clinic Manual Price $15.00 

2010 C.O.O.L. Manual Table of Contents

Bill Callahan – New York Jets

The 6- and 7-Hole Zone Plays

Dana Dimel – Kansas State University

The Wildcat Offense

Aaron Kromer – New Orleans Saints 

G-Sprint Run Play Versus Multiple Looks 

Jim McNally – NFL Offensive Consultant/Former NFL Coach 

How to Run Plays 

Howard Mudd – Indianapolis Colts 

Things I Did Differently That Worked 

Joe Pendry – University of Alabama 

A simple Blocking Scheme and the Outside Zone Play 

John Strollo – Elon University 

Making Force Through Torque

Eddie Williamson – Texas Christian University 

Pass Protection Sets by Position 

C.O.O.L. Clinic Chalk Talk