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C.O.O.L. Clinic Manual

(Coaches Of Offensive Line)


2012 C.O.O.L. Clinic Manual Price $19.95

Paul Alexander -Cincinnati Bengals

The Coda: Techniques for Better Blocking, Better Coaching, and How to Use Your Hands in Pass Protection

Mike Bloomgren     Stanford University 

The Power Play and How We Teach Double-Teams 

Dan Dorazio –   British Columbia Lions 

Double-Under, Single-Under, and Forearm/Shoulder Blow Delivery and Run Blocking Techniques

Pat Flaherty –   New York Giants 

Combination Run and Pass Protection Techniques 

Jim McNally –   Cincinnati Bengals 

Losing Ground, Tipping, A Gap Entries,   and Blocking Tips 

Dante Scarnecchia –   New England Patriots 

Pass Protection Drills and Techniques 

Mike Solari –   San Francisco 49ers 

Developing the Run Game With   Fundamentals and Drills 

Bob Wylie –   Oakland Raiders 

The First Meeting With Your Unit: Laying the Groundwork for a Successful Season

George Yarno –   Detroit Lions 

Five and Six Man Protection Techniques and Drills