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Al Golden – University of Miami

Play Action Pass Packages

Video from the 2013 Nike Coach of the Year Clinic – Charlotte


$29.99 + S&H

  • Learn how to install an offense that utilizes the run game to set up the play-action pass

  • Utilize the fullback, H-back, or tight end in both the run and passing game

  • Create a play-action game off the strong and weak side zone-read run game

  • Successfully run play-action against a variety of defensive coverages and schemes

  • Learn to use the same blocking for the run & complimentary play-action pass

  • 65 Minutes

Al Golden – University of Miami

Winning the Punt Retrun & Kick Retrun

Video from the 2014 Nike Coach of the Year Clinic – Mid Atlantic


$29.99 + S&H

  • Get simple, sound techniques that you can apply to both punt and kickoff return games

  • Learn a simple kickoff return scheme that any team can implement

  • Learn common mistakes players make in the return game and get drills to correct them

  • Learn cue words for helping players understand the return technique and to create quicker communication between players and coaches

  • 91 Minutes