Telecoach Website – MENTALLY TOUGH

How to be Mentally Tough

1.   Go harder, longer in practice every day. Every day as you start to feel tired and feel like taking a break mentally or physically on the playing field; suck it up and go all out. “One play at a time!”  

2.   Talk to yourself and do not allow the assassin from within you to defeat you. 

3.   Be enthusiastic in your approach to practice and the game. 

What Mental Toughness Does for Us

1.   It allows you to go home every night knowing you did every-thing possible to be successful today.  

2.   It keeps momentum on our side.  

3.   It physically wears out our opponent.  

4.   It helps us to be successful on 3rd down, win the sudden change, conquer in the 4th quarter, etc.  

5.   It makes you a great human being and it makes us a great defensive team.