The Odd Front Defense – (PDF Copy) –

This PDF publication features 20 lectures of the 3-3 front, 3-4 front, and 5 man fronts. Included are lectures covering Defending RPO’s, Press Concepts, Stack Packages vs. Spread Offenses and Multiple Offenses as well as Basics of the 3-4 Defense, Flexible 3-3 Package, and How and Why of the 3-4 Defense. The Publication covers 148 pages and 226 diagrams. These lectures come from the Nike Coach of the Year Football Clinics held yearly across the U.S.

Coaches included: Josh Brown, Jacque DeMatteo, Tim DeRuyter, Tony Gibson, Zach Griffin, John Hebert, Joe Henrich, John Hines, Gary Joseph, Caleb King, Rocky Long, Bryan Mitchell, Aaron Maul, Jamie Mitchell, Charlie Pierce, Alan Rodemaker, Rick Strieff, Pat Surtain, Tony Trisciani, and David Younger.

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